Catherine Gill

Location: Seattle, Washington

Interview date: August 23, 2015

Interview Clips and Notes

My artwork is involved with interpreting the land, seeing its space in terms of a design of abstracted, simple landscape pieces, expressing the movement and discovering connections in how the pieces fit together. Determining symbols that create movement, and discovering images that will visually and emotionally maneuver the viewer is an integral part of the creative process for me.

I enjoy working on location. I like what happens with the ideas that are generated when I am out there. New shapes and marks and ideas develop. I might start in the fall standing in front of a forest and painting orange trees, but wind up realizing it is a refuge, that the small animals are starting to hunker down to survive, and the painting then becomes about safe places in hard times.

Layering landscape imagery with symbols of movement and direction has become a new personal direction in my artwork. Using printmaking and mixed media painting allows me to experiment with creating depth of imagery to correspond with the depth of the personal experience of a particular place.