Helen Heibert

Red Cliff, CO

Interview date: August 1, 2016

Website: http://helenhiebertstudio.com/

Top 10 Tidbits about Helen Hiebert:

1. I was born in Tennessee, grew up in Texas, and went to the University of the South
2. I lived in NYC for 11 years; in Portland, Oregon for 14 years and now I live near Vail, Colorado
3. I’ve written five books
4. In 2008, I produced the film, Water Paper Time and in 2012 I created a how-to film calledThe Papermaker’s Studio Guide
5. I’ve stood atop the Brooklyn Bridge
6. I lived in Germany for two years
7. Yes, that was me in the New York Times vows section in 1996 and 2003!
8. I’ve traveled to Ecuador, Japan, Korea, Tasmania and throughout Europe
9. I bicycled across the United States in 1991 and
10. I’ve made an appearance on Sesame Street.