Interview Date: August 25/26, 2015

Location: Yakima, WA

Notes and interview clips

Leo Adams is an artist and designer living in Yakima, Washington. Adams, born in 1942, discovered his artistic abilities at a young age and received due attention from teachers and peers alike. When he was 19 years old he received honorable mention at the prestigious Bellevue Arts and Crafts Festival. This would mark the first of many awards. 

His work is influenced not only by the arid Yakima Valley where he grew up, but also holds many international influences as well. Adams is also well-know for his house, which is a work of art in its own right. A book about his house was published by Marquand books in 2013.

Adams does not have a website, so I will look forward to posting pictures I take when I'm there at the end of August!