Pard Morrison

Interview date: October 1, 2015

Location: Colorado Springs

Interview Notes & Clips

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All experience, whether visual, aural, or tactile, are evaluated and understood using a wide array of both socially learned and evolutionary informational filters.  Real experience is rapidly being replaced by artificial two dimensional experience.  This increasingly jeopardizes our relation with factual narrative.  The anthropomorfication of technological devices further blurs the  distinction between natural existence and post narrative experience.  My interest lies in the exploration of this intersection; the intersection of pictorial illusion, and specific object, and the marriage of both.  I hope to create work that upon first encounter primarily reads as artificially fabricated, but upon further investigation, the visual strength of its own "objectness" is compromised by specific human mark making. They have a familiar materiality and shape, but also display attributes that are somewhat unnamable, visually discordant—non-specific. This visual language of specific geometric gesture simultaneously establishes compositional form, and at the same time visually destroys the specific object that it is applied upon.  These works are momentary portraits of systems that are in flux.