Taylor Hellmann

Location: Sedona, Arizona

Date: September 14, 2015

Taylor's interview

Since 1978, Taylor Hellmann has been active in the Arts and the design industry, creating custom fashions, custom interiors, and custom jewelry, as well as fine art and fine art furniture. He worked as a jewelry designer for Pakula and Company in Providence, Rhode Island, as a design assistant for Leo Narducci in New York City, and as a high fashion apparel designer for McKane and Company in San Francisco. In January of 1982, he started producing fashion designs and accessories under his own label. He specialized in hand painted high fashion garments for an exclusive clientele, as well as men's neck wear and women's accessories to retail outlets, including Robinson’s, May Co., Macy's, Wilkes Bashford, and Madonna Man. His fashions have been worn by television stars and other celebrities, including Michael Jackson. As his apparel business grew his role changed from that of artisticcreator to a businessman running an increasingly larger manufacturing business. He was faced with the realization that a new facility with more employees was needed in order for the business to sustain its growth as a specialty company marketing to retailers. Missing the creative process that started the business he decided to eliminate the commercial production, continue designing and producing for his private client base and pursue his love of the fine arts.

In 1986 he moved to San Diego, CA. and pursued a career in the fine arts. He started showing work at the San Diego Art Institute where he soon became eligible for featured one man shows. This exposure quickly led to commercial galleries featuring him in solo shows and as he became a noted local artist in San Diego his exhibits were selling out. He became very active in the arts community and was elected to the board of directors of the San Diego Art Institute where he served until he moved to Sedona, Arizona. His diverse experience in the commercial world and his love of the fine arts motivated him to combine his talents into a design firm which specializes in integrating artwork with interior design. By integrating design elements - Art, Lighting, fabrics, Flooring & Color he has transformed the surroundings of his clients into works of art. His residential projects led to commercial renovations where Taylor was able to design specific corporate art into the overall project. His business, Art by Design, maintains a focus on integrating art and design and he is fortunate to have an abundance of commissioned work and new projects.

While Taylor has worked in many mediums he has always had a passion for wood which has led him to developing a process for achieving bright colors while maintaining the natural beauty of the wood grain. He combines this process with his lighthearted whimsical approach to everyday life which is apparent in his work. The subtle sophistication and timely commentary on contemporary life has attracted collectors worldwide.

Taylor attended the University of Colorado, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, University of Idaho, and earned his BFA degree from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Website: http://www.sedonaartbydesign.com/TheArtworkofTaylorHellmann.html